Build Muscle Through a Feasible Workout Regime

Muscle building training

You have probably heard about muscle or muscular hypertrophy, which basically means growth of muscle cells. Strength training, which involves lifting weights, sit-ups, push-ups, using resistance bands, etc., activates the release of testosterone and growth hormones. These hormones promote tissue growth in the targeted regions, causing you to gain muscle mass. 

However, you cannot build muscle by engaging in random strength training. It requires consistency, plus a combination of other key factors to achieve noticeable results.

Why Personal Training?

Maybe you have scoured the web for tips on effective ways of building muscle mass and even implemented most of what you have learned. But the results are yet to be seen. You’re still packing body fat in areas where you desire to have lean muscles. Or maybe you’re too skinny despite your efforts to bulk up stronger muscles.

Without the guidance of a personal trainer, muscle mass building efforts may fail to yield much. That’s because, in most cases, rookie workouts end up being counterproductive. Effective muscle-building requires a combination of perfect exercise, the right intensity, a customized diet, and, of course, consistency.

Feasible Muscle-Building Workout Regime

A gym instructor can help you build muscle and attain increased strength through a dedicated workout regime. However, if the high-demanding gym routines cause you to want to take a step back and work out on your own, then personal training may be what you need.

A personal trainer helps you customize a perfect workout regime that involves a variety of exercises. This is important in subjecting the muscles to constant challenge for continued production of tissue-building hormones.

The trainer will also advise you on the intensity required to achieve the desired results. All these go into ensuring you’re subjecting your target body parts to maximum activity without compromising on your safety.

Customized Diet

When it comes to gaining muscle mass, diet is everything. You cannot achieve stronger muscles with exercise on its own, however ideal the workouts are. A customized diet should accompany a good workout regime. This should include the right mix of proteins, carbohydrates, and fats, to fuel muscles during exercise and build them afterwards.

Why Astero Fitness?

At Astero Fitness, we offer personalized training to help you build muscles the healthy way. We work around your fitness goals to design the most effective workout techniques and advice on the right diet to complement your workouts.

Moreover, we do not stop at that. Throughout the journey, we support and supervise you, adapting the workouts to your schedule and the changing fitness goals.

Though based in Montreal, Canada, we conduct our fitness sessions online. If you’re ready to start your journey to gaining lean muscle mass, call now to schedule your free fitness consultation.

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